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Wellington Website Designers - Altered Ego Design Sustainability Policy

Altered Ego Design is concerned about sustainability issues and has instituted the following code for its day-to-day office functions:

Keep New Zealand Working!

Altered Ego Design Ltd has a passion for sustainable businesses. Our company is wholly owned by kiwis and all our websites are created right here in Wellington, New Zealand. We are not an agent or a front for an overseas company making huge margins using cheap labour in India and elsewhere. We craft everything from the ground up around your needs so you know it will be unique and functional to you. We stand behind our Designed and Made in New Zealand ethos and want to thank you for your business with us - it keeps New Zealanders working.

Paper Reuse & Recycling

all non-confidential print-outs are re-used on the reverse side for note taking, reprinting or working concept drawings. All confidential and fully re-used paper is recycled.

All invoices and statements are emailed saving wasted paper and transportation emissions (unless specifically requested by the client).

Office Consumables

office toner cartridges are recycled when empty rather than discarded and replaced.


Our Formway office chairs are fully recyclable. All surplus office furniture is recycled and often passed onto a needy cause.

Energy Efficiency

All computers, lights and printers are switched off when not in use (evenings, weekends and holidays). Lights are switched off in mid-summer when strong natural light is plentiful. We prefer to open the window rather than use air conditioning!


Paper/plastic cups, plates and cutlery, and paper towels, were possible, are not used. All crockery, cutlery and tea towels are washed for re-use. The kitchen has separate recycling bins for paper, glass plastic and tin. Organic waste is composted courtesy of our lovely Max Airbin from our client Fernbird Organic and Ecostore!


Altered Ego Design's staff that live near the CBD either walk or catch public transport to work on a daily basis. Our company's fleet are new vehicles and have the advantage of being the highest European Star Rating for fuel efficiency.

Giving Back

Business Mentor NZ LogoAs part of our sustainable business ethics, we are part of the New Zealand Business Mentoring Organisation, giving back to the community by mentoring in the area of website expertise.

If you care about the environment and sustainability as much as we do, it sounds like we have a great fit!

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Because we understand the true measure of sustainable business, we take our sustainable business seriously and live our policy daily, not just pay lip service to it.

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